GooFoto B1 Flexible Phone Tripod for iPhone/Samsung/Android


Newest Design-7 Built-in Aluminum Cores: Goofoto update phone tripod stand was constructed of seven aluminum cores and rubber, which allows for stronger and lighter builds and the rubber to wrap the inner cores better, then gives more durable than other just one core inside and foam tripod legs. Being able to shoot stable, locked-off images opens up a whole new world of techniques.

Versatile: The precision ball head with universal clip for 360-degree panning and 180-degree tilt, offers two adjustment options to switch quickly from landscape to portrait format, ideal for social live streaming and recording, vlogging, YouTube Video Shooting and Tiktok, zoom meeting, beauty/makeup tutorials etc. B1 travel tripod with lightweight fits easily into your pocket or handbag, will prove an invaluable asset you never leave home without.

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What Makes B1 Stand out

Lightweight and Portable

The mini Smartphone Tripod can be easily carried in bags, handbags, suitcases. The weight is 0.77 pounds, which makes the quality of the product more reliable without being too heavy. It can be more stably fixed on branches, tables, bicycles, and floors, etc.

Super Durable

The GooFoto camera holder is made of Green high-elastic rubber material wrapped with 7 flexible aluminum cores. The rubber jacket is made of tire technology, waterproof, sunscreen and scratch-resistant, durable and not easily damaged.

Catch the Perfect Angle

Perfect fit for Outdoor video recording, vlogging, live streaming, Outdoor Shots, Travel, etc. The aluminum metal ball head can be rotated 360 degrees and horizontally adjusted 180 degrees vertically, With an angle lock System, all angles can be adjusted accurately..


2021 Update Adjustable Tripod

Goofoto’s Newest phone tripod, the legs are composed of 7 flexible aluminum cores, which can better fit the rubber outer layer. Enhance the stability of the product, 7 times better than the durability and stability of similar single-core material products, and the leg surface with tire technology and non-slip foot design. so that it can better lock the image during shooting and recording.

  • 7 Aluminum Cores
  • Green Non-slip Advanced elasticity Rubber
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-Crack
  • Maximum load-bearing 1.5KG


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