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Best tripods were created for mobile lifestyles to record exciting moments anywhere, anytime.

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We are a group of photography addicts, who love to travel, take photos, and share. Because we love what we do, we created Goofoto, a brand of tripods, in the hope of capturing the nice things in life and making them forever. Life is full of beauty, notice it and make it tangible.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really wanted to have a stand for my phone so I could take a picture of myself WITH my children. So far as photos are concerned, you would only know I’m part of the family cus sometimes my finger is covering part of the phone lens. This little gadget is just so fun and useful! It easily holds my iPhone in its case. It can stand on its own or you can tie the legs around something stable and get a better vantage point.

Jennifer Paker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s great to have in my pack, I got this for the adjustable legs. I have the Kodak PixPro, and it holds it wonderfully. I feel very confident with the durability and trust it to hold my camera. I haven’t tried the remote, as I can use my phone for my camera. The legs do slightly move and settle, even after locking them into place, but that’s most likely going to happen with any adjustable tripod. I’m happy with my purchase!

Echo Alexander


GooFoto is an international brand that provides high-quality phone tripods that you can record important moments on the go.

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